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Clubs & Organizations

North Carolina Cyber Academy

Get Connected

Please take a moment to review the list of past club offerings below. We have a lot of opportunities for students to share their interests with other NCCA students. To join a club or learn more please contact Ms. Damiano, Mrs. Noel, or Mrs. Rhinehart.

Anime Drawing

Anime Club

Portrait Sculpture

Art Club

Caring Child

Comfort Club

Work Desk

Gaming | Coding Club

Reptile on Grass

Reptile & Animal Club


Study Buddies 7th Grade


Horse & Farming Club

Kids robot

S.T.E.A.M. | Robotics Club

Online Class

NCCA Classroom Chat


Let's Get Baking Club

Girls in the Library

Study Buddies 6th Grade

Fountain pen

Writing & Book Club

Field Trips & Meet Ups

NCCA offers field trips across North Carolina.  These are opportunities for students and families to explore local attractions, meet other NCCA families, and build relationships within the NCCA community.  


Field trips are organized by NCCA teachers as well as parents who serve as community liaisons.  NCCA also conducts Face to Face Learning Opportunities throughout the year to bring students and staff together for learning activities.  

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