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Counseling Services

North Carolina Cyber Academy

Our Mission

The mission of the NCCA Counseling Program is to provide a comprehensive counseling program that addresses the academic, career, and personal development of all students through collaboration with parents, teachers, and the community.

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Middle school is an exciting, yet challenging time for students, parents, and teachers! The school counselors at NCCA MS perform many functions to assist students and their families as they navigate this important time for learning and experience. School counselors work directly with students in various capacities to foster positive growth and change, while also offering support to parents, teachers, and other school staff in understanding the developmental needs of middle school students. Collaboration across support networks is a vital component of the school counseling program that contributes to student growth and success. 

Individual Counseling

Lunchtime Activities 

Group Counseling

Academic Planning & Intervention

Classroom Guidance

School-Wide Events

New Student Orientation

Crisis Services

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